At Source

Medical microbiology scientist Ben Harris and immunologist Dr Gill Webster – Panel discussion about the source of natural health and wellbeing

May 6, 2021

Dr Gill Webster has more than 28 years of experience in the biotechnology sector, emphasising early drug development to treat human disorders by developing strategies to harness the immune system. Her expertise in immunology has seen her work as both a founding entrepreneur and private consultant for both domestic and international biotechnology companies and develop an award-winning natural product; currently, she is the founder of Immunostrategy Ltd and Chief Scientist at NatureBee.


Ben Harris is a medical microbiology scientist with 40 years of experience. Harris has a particular focus on infection prevention and control, epidemiology, emerging antibiotic resistance and its relationship to our microbiome and adverse health outcomes. He is leading the NZ Infection Prevention & Control Consultancy, based in Christchurch and Auckland, where he provides New Zealand-wide IPC consultancy services and is also co-founder of Sanipure.


In this episode, we chat about their journey into healthcare and research. We also cover:


  • The importance of immunity and microbiology, particularly in this current environment as we face a global pandemic;
  • Infection prevention and control and risks involved in over-sanitation;
  • Antibiotics - have they saved us or diminished our bodies’ natural fighting power?
  • Herd immunity, travel bubbles and being aware of Dr Google;
  • Ways to support natural health and wellbeing.