At Source

Robin Wilson – How wellness and resilience can pave the way at work

November 19, 2021

Today on the At Source podcast we have Robin Wilson, Wellness Specialist and Resilience Coach. 

In the course of her work, Robin noticed a recurring theme amongst many of her clients: most of their wellbeing concerns linked back to the workplace. Inspired to focus on treating the cause, not the symptom, she co-founded Workplace Wellness as a way to create positive change that benefits both employer and employee.

Her passion revolves around helping others implement holistic change in their lives to improve their own wellbeing, and contribute with greater impact to the world around them.

In this podcast, we chat about:

  • Robin’s journey into Workplace Wellness and flexible working in this day and age
  • How employers can create good company culture and make sure their employees feel valued
  • We dive into Resilience@Work – what it is, and why this a powerful approach to measuring, building and tracking resilient workplace cultures
  • How to skilfully manage emotions and how to handle an uncomfortable event/situations.