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Susan Renata – how to be the most authentic version of yourself

December 10, 2021

Susan started competing in gymnastics when she was five years old. This was her platform to play a multitude of sports and then go on to complete a Post Graduate Degree in Physical Education.

During her studies, she started teaching Aerobics, which led her to Les Mills programs where she launched her international career as a Master Trainer and presenter – using her P.E. Degree to write education for instructors globally.

Being the superwoman she is, alongside her Les Mills career, she also decided to go into the New Zealand Police, where she became a homicide detective.

In this podcast, we chat about:

  • How has her life experiences shaped her thinking and approach to mental health and wellbeing


  • Blending her policing career and Les Mills, the contrast from working in homicide to then going on stage, putting on a smile and setting a world-class example for instructors


  • How to keep a steady mindset when the world around you is falling apart


  • "I am just Susan" and some of the transformations she has done